About Tacy Rockwell

Hi There!  Thanks for stopping and taking some time to visit my online “studio”!  I am a visual multi-disciplinary designer and propstylist.  I tackle large and small visual design projects for clients near and far - whether it's creating business identity and logo design, home decor and furniture re-purposing, graphic design for promotions, invitations and packaging or original furniture and fabric design.  My love is with 'home' and that is what inspires the name of my company - Highberry Dew - A Design House.   I live in a light-filled home with my husband Bryn and our deliciously adorable Corgi dog, Aiden!  This is my sanctuary, and this is where I design.  After years travelling the world and living all over the western United States, I have now returned to my Island home here in British Columbia - bringing with me the inspirations of life on the road and the exotic objects that capture my senses.  Tucked away in my childhood enclave of Glenora, in the heart of Vancouver Island’s wine country, you will find me working in the garden, sipping on a latte, toodling on my bicycle, ripping paper and tearing fabric, painting, or shouting at my sewing machine.  Things I love are:  new bedding, planting in the spring, hollyhocks, most anything tattered, old and a “little bit ruined“, eggplant, riding in the car with my “boyfriend”, my skipping heart when I find the perfect tunic, driving in the snow, Aiden’s short stumpy legs, raspberries, Christmas Christmas Christmas and cold white wine on a warm summer's eve !  Life is full of blessings - Enjoy along with me!  Oh - And if you see a garage sale, text me!!!