Ears are kind of a big deal around here.....

As someone who loves a Corgi with all her heart, I must first grasp the ability to absolutely adore giant ears! Done and done!  And speaking of large listeners, I am REALLY on a rabbit kick right now.  I think it's safe to say I'm not the only one!  As I write, Aiden has made himself a nice little woollen blanket nest on the deck, where he lies, peering through the railing at some unsuspecting bunny.  It nibbles away at our late summer lawn, looking about and chewing (at an unnatural rate I might add) while the Corgi-peepers work overtime!  My first rabbit, as a child, was Suki...a beautiful black and white (not unlike the one in Shelly Yen's magical painting below).  Rabbits do hold a special place for me - even when they are bounding down the road ahead of the car, back and forth from shoulder to yellow line, as I count how many minutes late I will be for the dentist!  Let's enjoy some bunnies in art, shall we?! 

Block Print Note Card from bluehillfarm.com

Caskata Blue Bunnies Plates image credit: nothingnewtreasures.com

Grand Game wallpaper from Anthropologie

"Fanciful Bunny" by Shelly Yen


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