Hot off the Paint Brush!

It's that time of year again when I have to push myself toward Christmas with rapid speed.  This really isn't a 'groan moment' at all!  I ADORE the Christmas season and anticipate it all year long; however, it's difficult to get deep enough into the mood in September in order to produce the products that need to be ready for mid-November!  Often I will steep a cuppa tea (something seasonal!), play some carols and try my best to muster my inner-yule-tide (but August is just behind us!).  This year I have eased myself in with a line called "Winter Love".  While you will find renderings of a snowy Ptarmigan wearing a crown, and even a Figgy Pudding, this is a collection that is close to the 'idea' of Christmas time without greeting it at the door wearing only mistletoe!  I enjoy the 'cozy season' so very much - the warm snuggles on the couch with a furry Cardigan (the sweater AND the Corgi), a steamy mug of Wassail, the feel of felt and fleece over cold hands, and the satisfaction of cooking up a healthy meal to nourish loved-ones.  This might all sound cheese-ball (oh! another seasonal fave!), but it's really the truth of how I live and enjoy these approaching months!  You will notice the painting of a wee stack of beans as part of this collection.  For me, dry goods are a symbol of that health and nourishment that can keep us going - a staple to be thankful for as Winter eases on - they never rot, mold or need refrigeration peoples!  Watch for this collection of tags, arriving soon to adorn your gifts all season long!  They are from the heart - pass on the love!

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