The inner workings of a studio... And farm sale prep!

It's here...the bustle, the hustle, the get 'er done now attitude!  With my Vintage Farm Sale just four days away, it's been Santa's little work shop (in August) around here!  Truthfully, it's delightful!  I just love having something to get ready for, to work toward and that gives me that deadline with it's booming voice of "HOP TO"!  My fabric order arrived JUST today and JUST in time (whew!), my lovely friend has returned to 'the rock' so we can work toward our date and our shared booth, and the paint brushes have been flying around here!  With two tables under construction, four trays painted and ready to go, and a stack of sweet little paper tags toppling on one side of the art table, my heart fills with joy at all the 'touchable' and beautiful items.  Lets see it in images shall we?!

A selection of tags await their duties - more than likely a nest upon some table, or perhaps fluttering in the breeze beneath a frame or tray...

A tray from found materials....pieces of a vintage oak table and a secret ingredient; can you spot the old Toboggan?!  For the love of dogs!  These greeting cards keep giving.... $2 from each dog card sold at the sale will go to our local SPCA.

Perhaps someone will be selling paper ephemera?  I sure hope so.... I scored these from my pal Bill at last weekend's Valley Antique Show and Sale...

Wrapped and ready to go....

My newly designed yardage...what a lovely texture...been staring at it all day!  Stay tuned for what it will become after the sale...

Another of the four trays accompanying me to Saturday's sale.  We could ALL use more olive branches I would say...

Patience dear tray....patience...  Look at you just sittin' there, waiting for Saturday.  There are things to DO, my friend!

Remember, you can find the Highberry Dew and Element Photography Booth from 9-4 this Saturday at 5672 Menzies Road!  A marvelous and stylish time will be had by all!



Nicole Westre

Everything looks awesome, Tacy! Wish I could be there! Still looooove the keys!!


what a fabulous day (despite the early am coffee withdrawal and autumn threat...) HAD A BLAST stlying our booth with you. Your eye is divine - looking forward to more combined ventures : ) loves ya xo

Roby Clement

Loving my beautiful tray! Xo


I LOVE that you have it in your home - it fits with everything else!  Makes me so happy! XXOO

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