A Light-Filled idea!

SO, with Vintage Farm Sale behind us, the Corg and I are launching into new projects!  They are 'new' in that we are "about" to tackle them, even though they are projects that have been sitting about for awhile!  This lovely old camera tripod (a nice light-weight one) was a score from junking at the beginning of the summer.  I had put it out into the universe that I wanted one, and 'BING', the very next Saturday (aka "Junking Day"), TWO landed in my lap!  With a fresh, crispy lamp shade to coordinate, I will now attempt to create the tri-pod lamp I have always wanted.  Not a new concept at all, but on this rock of an Island, projects like this can turn into a mighty search - we simply don't have the resources that creators in, oh, say L.A. or Chicago have!!  That means that when I decided to don my lamp with lovely 'vintage-look' silk lamp cord, I knew to be prepared for a  hunt!  As usual, I began with the interweb!  After finding all that I wanted and more - cord in most hues of the colourwheel and beyond - I began running into the usual problems.  This cord that I have my heart set on, only ships to the U.S.  and THIS cord that I have my heart set on, ships to Canada for 5 times the price of the actual product itself.  It was about now that I decided I could pay MUCH more for the cord (here in my own country), if I took in to consideration, the shipping costs.  So, the Corg and I towed out the good 'ol yellow pages and began our phone marathon!  Finally, when I talked to the last store listed on the page, McLaren Lighting in Victoria (bless their hearts and their good service), I found black, silk-covered lamp cord for $1.50 per foot - a good 20 cents less than my American brethran were offering BEFORE shipping.  By this time, the Corg had lost interest and fallen asleep on the phone book (I must say, it was mighty tempting to stop and take a nap!).  Never give up on good taste...and often the 'shop locally' approach will pay off at the same time!  Stay tuned for my 'bright idea' in its completion (road trip to Victoria first!).




wow! great find - I didnt know you found one already! I was JUST thinking about that the other day after the sale at Barra's when you mentioned it!! FUN cant wait to see what you create : )

Evan Ballguts

This is a ridiculously adorable picture of a certain corgi.....a certain corgi that shares a certain something in common with a certain victorian cat.

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