It's time to start thinking about winter bulbs for the house.  To me, this means brilliant Paperwhite Narcissus blooms boiling forth from sturdy green stems, set atop some wintry bit of decor!  Often I 'force' my winter bulbs (white Amaryllis and Paperwhites) in fanciful soup tureens for a romantic and utilitarian look.  If started now, blooms should be emerging by early November, just in time for Holiday decorating and entertaining.  I try to start a new batch of bulbs every two weeks to stagger the supply, thus, having an ever-lasting display of blooms (start collecting soup tureens!).  Many a decorating enthusiast has posted on this very subject, so I will leave you in good 'how-to' hands here, and simply do my part by providing some imagery! These dainty watercolours are my tribute to the fresh and happy Paperwhite blooms- an inexpensive way to have your home look like a florist's shop!

Image Creds:  Little 'Holiday' baggies (, bowl o' bulbs (, half-way starts (, Tablescape styled by BrownPaperDesign, shot by Jose Villa.  All others: Highberrydew



Wish I had more space in me house!! I think most of our plants are just going to die this winter.  Maybe it's time to build a green house.


Aw, I DO like this greenhouse idea!

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