My Inspiration

 I am a texture person!  The reason I chose collage is because of the interest and beauty I find in each little piece of lace, paper and fabric.   I love the freedom of moving small bits and pieces, collected over time, into a composition that feels 'just right'.  I am usually fuelled by my adoration of vintage post cards, handwriting, stamps, watercolour lines, birds, lamps, dogs, dishes, dressers and ottomans, antlers, soup tureens, ….ok….everything!!  I used to say that man-made things were what truly inspired me, and while I am totally in love with fabrics, architecture, and boutique window displays - for me, much of the design behind these things stems directly from the harmony that is all around us in the natural world.  I see composition everywhere - or potential to combine elements and items into composition.  Aiden, our Cardigan Corgi, is my short-legged muse and I could paint him for hours!  Sometimes it’s just his positive attitude and caring face that inspire me to create!  Walks through garment and home décor stores, and strolls up and down the streets of Seattle or San Francisco can leave me running for my paint box and paper stash!  Often, on outings, I will close my eyes in the hotel at night and be treated to a slide-show of imagery - waiting to be created in the outside world!  Life is inspiring in so many ways!