Lichen Greens

It's Autumn in full swing!  That, in our household, is official when we pull on our wellies and head for the mossy trails in search of Chanterelle mushrooms.  And the season is good!  This year, as I tromp the forest floor, I am noticing the lichens that are so lush in hue right now - and I'm lagging terribly behind as I stop to collect the fallen ones!  They can't help but capture your eye as you wander - they are that perfect green/aqua....somewhere between sea-foam and creamy jadeite.  The undersides can be a rich mottle of black and cream and look like PERFECTION!  These little riches, when paired with certain other small plants, bring a teeny forest-scene to the table along with a nice dose of that to-swoon-for-green for a centrepiece that is mini and magical!  Stay tuned for their appearance INside of doors!  For now, the 'fallen ones' lie drying by the fire - all the while retaining that lush colour.....which is the very thing I love about them!  For an artist who has been a self-proclaimed lover of all things man-made....this nature thing sure has me going!!   Here is some 'lichen green inspiration' - enjoy my new obsession with me!

'Collage wall' photo cred:


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