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What a fun season of trades and collaborations it's been!  For me, a favourite thing is finding someone with a special handmade product or talent that resonates with me.  Often, those of us who make items with love and care are bumped together by the Universe and end up becoming fast friends!  Such is the case with my friend Jody in Victoria.  Her company is Jody's Natural Bath & Body Products - a line of stunningly delicious smelling natural soaps, body butters and lip balms made with conscience-clear ingredients like shea butter, Sunflower oil, and natural fragrances.  Though Jody and I only met at the Mikone sale this summer, we kept in contact and have now made a way to share with each other, our specially made products.  Jody came to me looking for my Winter Love Christmas tags as she designed her Holiday gift baskets for seasonal fairs and markets.  It just seemed natural to trade some swoon-worthy soaps for the little sets of tags she required!  And let me tell you, people...it was like Christmas, waiting for that fragranced little box to arrive in the mail - So thrilling!  Now that my soaps are here, the house smells of fresh citrus, cloves and vanilla bean ( I KNOW, right?!).  After skipping home from the mailbox, I joked to hubby over breaky, that I wanted to crumble little bits of vanilla bean soap on to my oatmeal - it smells divinely edible!!   Thank you Jody!

I will leave you with this glimpse in to the festive 'happenings' on my art table.  Have I mentioned that Christmas makes my heart go pitter patter?!!?



Hello lady friendJust wondering what kind/color of shiny baubles you are hunting this season???


Hey Hotty,  Always lookin' for fuschia murcury glass ones (particularly with hand-painted borders and flowers)...some gold, some silver.  Nothing too gaudy... wink  See you on Sunday!? ;)  Mary Windspear?

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