'Best Feelings'

Recently, a friend posted to Facebook; "Finish this sentence: 'The best feeling in the worlds is...'"  Of course I said, " Preparing for Christmas; decor, cards, baking, designing" and amid the other enthusiastic responses were; "nostalgia", "crisp, clean sheets", "knowing you're needed" and "hugging my mother"!  I love this type of joint, thought-stirring activity....the gift of sharing our true and real lives!  I think it says to one another, "hey, we're all real people, all figuring life out together!"  I think I'm addicted to Christmas Spirit because of all these 'best feelings' - that's what Christmas is about; from nostalgia to clean sheets! Yesterday was certainly a day of 'best feelings' as I adventured through the kitschy and wonderful world of Antique and Retro Christmas Fair Vendors with my dear friend and side-kick, missed one ferry and managed to almost miss another (we were talking, ok!), and lunched by the seaside.  Then, just to throw that perfect topper on an already trimmed tree, we managed to end it all with a scrounge in the ditch for some freshly fallen White Pine boughs (thank you to the kind man who let us load up the Station Wagon!).  Now, with wee vintage trinkets in hand for gifts, boughs for dressing the house and a warmed heart, I bid you all goodnight...  BUT...I'm dying to hear of your 'Best Feelings'!  Do leave me a comment, for I love the feeling of finding feed-back.  It's almost as addictive as alliteration!



Bear, the sidek...

One of my best feelings: seeing all the beautiful white pine boughs my lovely wife brought home yesterday.  It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas around our home.  And the decorating has begun!  I love us having lots of time to make the home cosy and festive and to cook great wintery meals like tonight's smokey pinto beans with cheddar and feta, spicy red basmati rice with tomato and orange, and guacamole with warmed corn chips - YUM!  Another thing I love about having lots of time, especially at Christmas, is being able to be present with myself, my wife, our friends, our cats, and nature, which is really profound as it all turns down to the ground and the dark to rest, rejuvinate, and ready itself for rebirth as the solstice turns and very soon the days start to lengthen again.  I love being able to be relaxed and present for all of this and to appreciate the miracle of us all being alive and able to choose to love.


Thanks for the love and the sharing Bear!  I'm especially inspired by your culinary creations and, of course, your fantabulous garden!  Thank you Bear!  This is the guy who provided the GIANT white lilies seen at our Mikone Farm Sale booth....for all of you whose minds were blown by their grandeur and scent!!!  They WERE real!...Yes they were.....


The best feeling in the world is...being greeted by a wagging dog when I get home. Was I with you when you found that little flour scoop? It looks familiar...


Aw thanks!  The scoop was 'unearthed' yesterday, so, no....not with ya for this one!  I DID get one similar in the past...was probably with YOU! XO


Best feelings huh?? How about waking up in the morning and realizing you can sleep in, cause you don't work today! And smells, like gingerbread, or apple cider, or the woods after a big rainfall, can always evoke good feelings in me.  Having a laugh with old pals you have known forever is something else I am thankful for.


...and finding a Chanterelle hiding under some moss right?!  Thanks friend!

Olivia Lee

Ohhh...how will I choose among the many best feelings of this favorite time of the year?  Most essential: SNOW!!! Lots of it!  With everyone safely tucked into their homes. TIME: when the whole world seems to slow to a stop, to-do lists are forgotten and meandering through the day in slothful enjoyment . CHRISTMAS MUSIC - classical, reggae, blues, pop, crooners,  children singing chrismas carols and a genuine LIFT OF SPIRIT that comes from the intention to enjoy being together, making magical spaces and meals and revelry and taking the time to renew our commitment to whatever brings us truly alive. Flannel sheets, exchanging cards and gifts, special events and reading new books are great too... and candles, surprises and feeling how special life is....

Nicole Westre

Some of my best feelings... flying through the air on a swingset... the smell of Autumn in the crisp air... being silly with my husband... winning a contest... cuddling with my kitty cats. Oh, and watching INCREDIBLE music with 5 of my favourite people! :) It's all about the little things! Great post, Tacy! You're such an inspiration!


Aw, yes....all of my favourites too!  For me though, it would have to be "cuddling Corgis"...but your William has a special thing in common with a certain Corgi I know...besides being "cuddleable"!

Olivia Lee

I love seeing what you have done with the white pine on this post - I have never seen pine needles so long!  I put mine in an old children's sled on the porch and lugged all my Xmas ornaments out, so now the season has really begun.  I had such a great day with you at the Xmas Vintage Flea,  Tacy.  I am all inspired and ready for the magic!!! xo


Thanks O!  Inspiration is right  -  Let the decorating begin!  I can't WAIT to see your twinkling, festive porch!

Evan Ballguts

Best feeling: a weekend spent with some of the best damn human beings there are! Also, knowing that the visit will be taking place in a Glenora cottage that is radiating with rustic, Rockwell decor. I can taste the mornin lattes right now, and yes, the tequila too.See you soon Jugs and Tace. Great blog!


Thanks Evan BG! You make me laugh...the BEST feeling.


When I'm with my homies ;-) making momos and eating them till we can't move. For those who don't know what a momo is, it's like a dumpling only better tasting in Nepali Style :-)


Tilo, you are truly amazing!  Thanks for the sharing!

Jordan Dack

The best feeling: bottles of home made wine- lights low- candles- guitars and tambourines- friends sitting on the floor- eyes closed entering trance- primal wail forces itself in and through- identity gone- division gone- BOOM- BLISS. ROCKWELL FOR PRESIDENT


Thanks J-To-The-money!  You are inspiring!

Michelle Dack

Best feeling: cuddling back in to bed on a cold windy day- laughing and reminicing with family and friends- sharing secrets over a bottle of wine- dancing!


Love ya Michelle!  Thanks for the amazing person you are!

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